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Scuba Diving & Water Sports

Diving & Snorkeling Trips in Cancun, Mexico

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Diving Courses

Divers PADI courses

Our diving courses in Cancun are the perfect addition to your vacation.

Diving Courses

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Cancun Diving Trips

Open Water PADI

Choose your Cancun diving trip below and experience the beauty of Mexico!

Cancun Diving Trips

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Diving Packages

5 Diving Packages

Save money on individual trips by booking our Cancun diving packages online!

Diving Packages

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About Us

The Man Behind Always Diving

Hi, I’m Alvaro Gonzalez. I got certified as a dive instructor back in 1982, since then I began my professional career in this activity, with the vision of creating a diving operation that transmits my passion about scuba diving, while practicing every day my philosophy of life; “Making friends, not customers.”

In my experience, I have realized that the most important reason why people do scuba diving is because it is fun!

I have always been sure that the two most important skills of a diving instructor are PATIENCE and EMPATHY.


Therefore, my priority has been to train my staff so that, regardless of your level of diving, whether you are certified or not, you can be sure that you will dive with us in an easy, safe and fun way.

Our challenge has been and always will be to give the people who dive with us one of the best experiences of their lives. 


We love what we do, and we would love for you to do it with us!!!

Best regards from paradise,

Álvaro González
Founder and CEO of Alwaysdiving

About Us
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Underwater Photos

The Pit

Reef Dive